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Create the best Minecraft MOTD for your server

Generate a custom MOTD for your Minecraft: Java Edition server with ease using our live editor. Utilize features like the in-game preview, allowing you to instantly see your new MOTD directly in your Minecraft server list. Start now and create a captivating MOTD to give your server a unique touch and ensure an incredible experience for both you and your players.

Grab MOTD from a server

Do you want to modify your existing MOTD directly? Then just enter the server address of the server and edit your existing MOTD directly on

Grab motd from a server

Get your MOTD

Copy your newly created MOTD and paste it into your server config file. By default, you use the file in your server folder.

Get your motd
We show here how to add it to the default file. This may differ depending on your server hosting provider.

In-Game Preview

With our in-game preview you can view your MOTD directly in the Minecraft client. Just add a server with the preview address to the Minecraft multiplayer list.

In-game preview

Share your MOTD

Use this link to share your newly created MOTD with friends & colleagues or to edit it again in the future.

Share your MOTD
Adding .png to the end of the share URL will give you the MOTD as an image.